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Half Moon Bay 

South Bay

Aerial Photograph taken in June of 2010. Only modest development in 10 years.


Half Moon Bay is located in the middle of North Akumal. HMB begins about 1 km (.6 mile) north of Akumal Centro and adjoins Yalku Lagoon to the north.  It's a quiet residential area with private residences but predominatley condos. As the name implies, it is a curved bay with a largely sandy shoreline. The Mesoamerican reef system acts as a natural barrier, with the Caribbean waves breaking off shore at both ends of the bay. The snorkeling in the north end is some of the best in Akumal. Turtles are a common site and an abundance of fish in the clear Caribbean water are easily observed. There are seldom more that a dozen snorkelers at any one time in the entire bay.

There are restaurants, convenience stores and a human watering hole or two. HMB is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood and like all Akumal beachfront areas, the beach road is not a through roadway. Therefore there is little automotive traffic and the most popular modes of transportation are walking, bicycles and golf carts.


Properties For Sale In Half Moon Bay (South Bay)


Each property has a photo and a brief description.

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Properties are listed from north to south. 


➊ La Joya 4 (Condo)

One Bedroom/One Bath. Fully furnished. Second Floor. $260,000 usd. 

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➋ Villas Flamingo (B&B)

4 two story Villas. 40 meters of sandy beachfront. Fully furnished.  $1,900,000 usd. 

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➌ Half Moon Bay Studios

4 Studios. Across street from beach. Easily converted to full commercial  $199,000 usd. 

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➍ La Bahia 1 (Condo)


Two Bedroom/Two Bath. Beachfront, ground floor. Fully Furnished.  $319,000 usd. 

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❺ La Bahia 3 (Condo)

Two Bedroom/Two Bath. Beachfront, Second Floor. Fully Furnished.  $319,000 usd. 

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❻ Playa Blanca 8 (Penthouse Condo)

Three Bedroom/Three Bath. Beachfront, Penthouse. Fully Furnished.  $449,500 usd. 

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❼ Lol Kanaab 5 (Condo)

Two Bedroom/Two Bath. Beachfront, second floor. Fully Furnished.  $260,000 usd. 

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❽ Lol Kanaab 8 (Condo)

Two Bedroom/Two Bath. Beachfront, third floor. Fully Furnished.  $249,000 usd. 

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❾ Half Moon Bay 3 (Condo)

Two Bedroom/Two Bath. Beachfront, second floor. Fully Furnished.  $319,000 usd. 

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❿ Casa Elangeni 

Four Bedroom/Four Bath. Beachfront, Two Story. Fully Furnished. $689,000 usd. 

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⓫ Casa Rosa

Five Bedroom/Seven Bath. Spectacular 7,000ft². Fully Furnished. $1,995,000 usd. 

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