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Tankah Bay 

North Bay

Aerial Photograph taken in June of 2010. There has been significant development in 10 years.


 Tankah Bay is a 15 minute drive south of Akumal and about 5 minutes north of Tulum. It's a bustling residential and commercial area with private residences, condos, hotels and restaurants. It is also home to the famous Casa Cenote that at one point hosted manatees. Some say they are still there. 

Tankah is one of the longer bays in the Akumal neighborhood and has a variety of shorelines harboring rock and sand beaches. Occasionally, there are waves that can be surfed - but barely.  The Mesoamerican reef system acts as a natural barrier depending on the depth below the surface. Where the reef is just below the surface, the waves break over it and sand beaches result. If the reef is several meters below the surface, the waves break on shore producing a rocky beach. Where there are sandy beaches turtles come ashore to nest. Snorkelers are treated to an abundance of fish in the clear Caribbean water. 

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➊ Lot 46 Sandy Beach, Ready To Build

Temporarily Off The Market

25m frontage. 740m². Sandy Beach. $1,497,000 usd. 

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